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From sail makers to inflatable decoration!

Quick and easy!

set up in no time

Low maintenance!

Durable materials

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Ideal for a tour or transport


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Our mission

We want to create an immersive and unforgettable experience by designing and producing high quality, innovative and interactive decorations that inspire and activate your visitors.

We strive to innovate and push the boundaries of decoration design, creating unique, interactive and breathtaking environments that inspire and help create an experience.

We prioritize a circular system in which our products and materials are designed in such a way that they can be reused with as little value loss as possible and without a harmful impact on the environment.

We work closely with festival organizers and event planners to create bespoke designs that meet their specific needs and visions, fostering strong relationships built on trust, creativity and long-term partnerships.

Looking for inflatable decoration?

Are you interested in what we can do for you? Then do not hesitate to contact us! This is of course completely without obligation ;)